Repair Damaged Zip Archive

The compressed folder feature in Windows makes it easier to send files over internet to any one in our contacts. WinZip is such a utility which compresses and stores various files in a zipped form. It also helps us to save hard disk space in this way. Many files are compressed and stored in a single Zip Archive. This arrangement is beneficial in many ways. But at times the Zip Archive may get damaged due to one or the other reason. This damage may lead to huge data loss which is unavoidable.

Unreliable internet connections, CRC errors, interruptions while downloading a Zip file, virus attack, Zip file header corruption, damaged Zip structure and many more factors lead to the damage of Zip Archive which ultimately results in an inaccessible .Zip file. Since it is impossible to avoid some unexpected scenarios one must always be ready with a backup otherwise he or she might lose all the vital information stored in Zip Archive. In many situations we forget to create a backup of the important Zip file or Archive and thus we end up losing that .Zip Archive. In such situations Zip recovery can be used to repair damaged zip archive since this tool is capable of repairing severely corrupted Archive in few minutes. Check for details about how to repair corrupt zip archive

Reasons behind Zip Archive damage:

It’s easy to lose Zip Archive data due to severe corruption. The various factors leading to loss of Zip Archive are given below. Let us go through these factors in brief.

  • External threats: Some dangerous viruses or computer worms manipulate the data in files and sometimes they may also delete the information which results in critical data loss
  • Interruption while downloading a Zip Archive: Sometimes due to a slow internet connection or incomplete file download caused by an interruption, the Archive becomes invalid which results in data loss
  • Improper system shutdown: Due to manual error or power failure or any other reason if system is shut down improperly then Zip Archive gets corrupt and necessary data in it becomes inaccessible

Thus it is always better to keep a copy of important files. If .Zip file gets severely damaged and due to carelessness if you don’t create a backup for your crucial files then Zip recovery is helpful in such a situation. By using Zip recovery you can easily perform invalid Zip recovery if you have lost all your data in Zip Archive due to the reasons mentioned above. This reliable repair utility can repair corrupt zip archive on Win server, Win XP, Win Vista and Windows 7. Zip recovery is the best repair tool to extract invalid Zip file which may be broken due to power failure, transfer error, application malfunction etc. With the help of Zip recovery it is easy to fix 32 bit and 64 bit Zip files. This tool can repair broken zip archive which are damaged due to Zip header damage and file structure corruption. Zip recovery can safely repair and recover broken .Zip files of size equal to or more than 4GB. Refer Here to know how to fix broken zip file. Now let us concentrate on the process of repairing damaged Zip Archive.

Steps to Repair damaged Zip Archive:

Follow the instructions given below to repair broken zip archive

Step 1: Download and launch Zip recovery in your system to repair corrupt zip archive. Choose the appropriate Zip Archive using browse button and then click on "Repair" button to initiate the repair process.

Repair Damaged Zip Archive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Zip recovery will scan the entire .Zip Archive and then it will go through the internal file structure. Gradually you will get a list of repaired Archives. If the corrupt .Zip or .Zipx file had some files in the root then you need to double click on "Lost Files" to view those lost files.

Repair Damaged Zip Archive - Preview Repaired Archive

Figure 2: Preview Repaired Archive

Step 3: Click on "Next" button to save the lost data. Once you click on Next, a new screen will open in which you will be specifying destination location to save the file.

Step 4: To select the destination path click on "Select Folder" button and later choose "Save" option to save all the repaired data.

Repair Damaged Zip Archive - Select Destination Path

Figure 4: Select Destination Path