Zip Recovery

  • Able to recover corrupt Zip file data on Windows 7, Vista and Win XP
  • Repair and recover zip file after CRC errors
  • Capable of repairing 32-bit and 64-bit Zip files
  • Able to repair Zip and Zipx files stored on any media device

Each one of us try different ways to save hard disk space. One of those ways is compressing various files in a single archive. Windows Zip is such a compression utility which is widely used to compress folders or files in a single archive. This utility compresses files and stores them in the form of .Zip file or Zip archive thereby making it easier to send these files through mails. In this way one can save disk space too. To read data from a Zip Archive you simply have to extract it. But sometimes what happens is while extracting a .Zip file or a Zip Archive through mails the process fails and data on the file becomes inaccessible. This is nothing but transfer error that takes place while uploading or downloading a Zip file to or from internet. This error leads to huge data loss which is not at all bearable.

There are various other ways of losing a Zip file. Any interruption that occurs while transferring or receiving Zip file leads to bad CRC errors which is an indication that some information in .Zip file or .Zipx file is damaged. Application malfunction and Virus are also the reasons for Zip file corruption. So it’s clear that losing Zip files is easy and it’s not possible to prevent corruption from taking place. Thus, either we must always be ready with a backup or we need to make use of a reliable repair utility to recover zip file. Zip recovery is a powerful tool which is capable of repairing and recovering severely corrupted Zip files from any Windows version. Gain More about fixing damaged zip file.

Why to use Zip recovery?

Zip recovery is designed with special algorithms which are meant for repairing and then recovering heavily damaged Zip Archives. This tool not only repairs broken Zip files but it also allows us to preview the repaired files soon after the completion of repair process. Zip recovery is a read only application and hence it is possible to repair and recover zip file that are invalid safely using this tool. It is non destructive software which ensures data security. This application supports Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Win XP, Win server, Vista and different other versions of Microsoft Windows. This software is capable of providing completely automated Wizard based interface to extract broken Zip files or archives. Let us know more about Zip recovery by going through some testimonials.

Testimonial for Zip recovery software:

Various reasons behind Zip file corruption:

Zip file corruption can take place due to different reasons. In certain situations the file gets severely broken. Let us see what are those scenarios which make Zip recovery a necessity

  • Transfer error: This is one of the major reasons for ZIP file corruption. It usually takes place while one is uploading or downloading a Zip file to or from internet. The file transfer becomes incomplete due to this error and thus due to corruption one may lose crucial data stored in the Zip archive
  • Zip file header corruption: If the .Zip file header which stores information of a Zip file gets damaged then it becomes impossible to extract the file which we download from the internet. Thus a .Zip or .Zipx file can be lost
  • Damaged Zip file structure: The structure of a Zip file contains system files to compress and decompress data. When the structure itself gets broken it is not possible to extract files and one may get an above average message due to invalid structure

So far we saw what are all the scenarios for data loss in Zip files. Now let us go though some unique features of Zip recovery

Features of Zip recovery:

  • Simple and easy repair of invalid .Zip, .Zipx and MIME media type Zip
  • Best Zip Archive recovery tool to restore data from invalid Zip archives that are damaged due to virus attack. Refer to read more about zip archive repair
  • Repairs corrupt Zip Archive that refuses to open due to errors like unknown compression method, Zipped folder is invalid etc
  • Capable to restore zip file of size 4GB or more


Recent Updates:

Fix Corrupted ZIPX Archive: With the help of this tool you can easily fix the corrupted or inaccessible Zipx and Zip archives. This tool is can mend corrupted Zip and Zipx Archive that turns out to be inaccessible due to CRC errors, improper compression methods, etc can be fixed and the files can be recovered easily. You can also visit the many pages added in it to know more on rescuing of Zip and Zipx files.

How to perform Zip recovery?

It’s easy to recover Zip file by using Zip recovery software. Follow the steps mentioned below to restore zip file

Step 1: Download and install Zip recovery in your system. Once the application is installed you will get a main window in which you will be asked to select the corrupt Zip or Zipx file which needs to be repaired. Select the file using browse button and then click on "Repair" tab to begin the repair process.

Zip Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The software will scan the entire Zip file and it will also read internal structure of the file. Gradually you will get a list of files from the Archive. If the invalid Zip file had some files in the root then you need to double click on "Lost Files" so that you can view those files.

Zip Recovery - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Press "Next" to save the lost data. As soon as you click on Next a new window will open where you can specify destination location to save the repaired file.

Step 4: To choose the destination path click on "Select Folder" and then click on "Save" option to save all the lost data.

Zip Recovery - Select Destination Path

Figure 4: Select Destination Path